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"Erroll is simply an inspiration.

He somehow manages to balance the ability to be a focused professional and highly talented person and drummer alongside keeping a humble, amiable, friendly persona.

I have known Erroll for over 30 years, firstly as a customer  & through his increasingly popular and highly successful Drum School based in Doncaster . As a drummer Erroll is someone I aspire to emulate (and fail), always moving forward, always improving and with the ability to relay these skills as a patient tutor, passing on his knowledge in an infectious manner to his pupils who relish their lessons.

It’s a pleasure to work alongside such an inspirational person as Erroll and long may it last ".


Paul Munday ( Drum Expert / Session Drummer )


We have had the pleasure of knowing Erroll since 2009 when our, then, nine year old son Aran was new to drumming. Erroll took Aran under his wing and began a musical journey through to grade 8 as a fifteen year old and is set to continue for many years. Aran has been given the guidance and opportunity to play many genres of music that have helped him to develop his own individual style and confidence in his own playing ability. With this have come performing opportunities both locally and overseas that would otherwise never have been realistic. We can't thank Erroll enough for the positive influence he is on Aran both as an inspirational musician and as role model who Aran looks up to.

Rob Hammond  (Parent)

"Erroll has totally transformed my playing into a professional drummer/musician. Erroll spent time & effort in helping me not only to achieve my goals in drumming but how to apply myself in a band situation which has been priceless. This has helped me in my drumming career

While having drum lesson with Erroll i took Grade 6 Rockschool &  Grade 8 Rockschool passing both with exams with Distinction.  I would highly recommended Erroll Rollins to anyone".



 Josh Collins  ( Reverbed )

 (Session Drummer)

"A year ago I approached Erroll for some drum lessons to help me with my depression and to give me something to look forward to every week. I have been a frustrated drummer for a long long time and with Erroll's patience and understanding I am starting to show some real progress. I love every lesson and am looking forward to progressing and maybe one day being part of a band. Exceptional  drum tutor. Thank you  Erroll, I really appreciate it."



Pete Jarvis  ( Drummer )

“I was really fortunate to find Erroll. After having a chat with him he listened to what I wanted to accomplish, & tailored my lessons to meet my goals. He is an exceptional teacher, professional, and makes the whole drumming experience fun. I would highly recommend Erroll to anyone wanting to learn how to play the drums”.


Adam Taylor ( Session Drummer ).


" It is with great pleasure for me to highly recommend Erroll Rollins Drum School .

During the time that I have known Erroll, I have found him to be very informative with my son’s progress and he has always brought a high level of dedication, energy and enthusiasm to his lessons with clear direction on what technical skills need working on in between. This can clearly be demonstrated by Ben successfully passing his Grade 6 Graded Exam with a Distinction combined with a mark of 90% earlier this year.

Over the last 3 Years Erroll has been extremely influential on my son’s progress from beginner to more recently being accepted in to Leeds College of Music which I feel is a direct reflection of Erroll’s commitment to his student.

I am sure that this partnership will not only continue up to his Grade 8 exam, but far beyond in to the future and I look forward to seeing how far Ben can go with his career as a musician under Erroll’s continued guidance".

Michael Brooks (Parent)



" I have been taught by Erroll Rollins for many years now and he has enabled me to pass multiple grades. He is enthusiastic and passionate with everything he does, and he has helped me improve every element of my drumming. I couldn’t recommend Erroll enough. It is an absolute pleasure to be taught be such a professional drummer!".

   Meredith Duffy.



Been having drum lessons with Erroll for many years now, and it’s always a pleasure turning up for my weekly tuition. You’re always greeted with his infectious smile and his enthusiasm for his pupils to enjoy themselves rubs off. If it’s having fun learning a new hobby or expert tuition you require, Erroll is “the man!”
Amazing drummer, inspirational teacher and one of the nicest blokes you could wish to meet!

   Tim Elliott 

   (Freelance Drummer)


 My daughter switched tutors recently and her comment after the first lesson with Erroll says it all...
'I learned more in half an hour with Errol than i did in a year with my last tutor'
Erroll has always been supportive, enthusiastic and friendly...i would highly recommend the drum school to anybody interested in playing.


    Neil Bath  ( Parent )



 A brilliant teacher and skillful professional drummer. He is very kind and is very good with Ben, and makes his lessons a joy. Ben has progressed really well with Erroll and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Andrew Varnam ( Parent )



 Erroll is an amazingly gifted talented drum player and even more so as a tutor.
I'd never played the drums in my life before I made the decision to take that step and make a life long dream of mine come true and go and take lessons up with Erroll, it was by far the best decision I've ever made.
What an amazing guy and so patient and understanding to the way I learn and take it all in .
As an adult with ADHD I can imagine it's hard with me at times but not with Erroll such a layed back warm welcoming guy
Erroll makes me feel completely at ease and most of all because of Erroll my DREAM HAS CAME TRUE !I CAN PLAY THE DRUMS!!💗 👌 🎶in such a short period if time too!!
Absolutely amazing can not thank Erroll enough!like wow!
I can not actually wait to see what the future has in store as my drumming progresses with Erroll can not thank him enough 👌
If you are ever thinking of taking up drumming or just wanting to progress on the talent you already have this is your s school this is your guy 😃👌
Happy drumming!!💗 🎶🎶🎶

Sarah Jayne Mckenzie.



Being taught by Erroll has been a great experience for me as I have been given great advice and he’s also helped me achieve my grade 8 drums with Rockschool. By far the best drum teacher in the Doncaster area.

 Harry Phillipson  ( Freelance Drummer )


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